Giving Thanks in a foreign land...

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love the excuse to hide away in the kitchen making magic and mayhem in equal measure to feed my family. I love popping out to catch a glimpse of what part of the parade is passing in front of the Macy's doors. Mostly I love taking the time to really appreciate all we have been given. And this year's Thanksgiving, which was not our most traditional Thanksgiving was full of blessings.
First we are thankful that my inlaws were able to visit just two weeks earlier and share a Pre-Thanksgiving feast. I am so grateful this year that on Thanksgiving, Toni,  the man who is in charge of the rotisserie in town, offered to turn it on for us crazy Americans on a Thursday when the only day he does it is Sunday. I'm oh so grateful that he was the one slaving over the bird all day and not me.  I'm thankful that I was able to make the holiday a little more like home for two new Moms by sharing Toni with them. I am also most grateful for new friends after so many left our little community last year. I'm thankful that all of those who left seem to have enjoyed their first Thanksgiving "home" in the US.
Each year I've picked the kids up from school by 2 pm so we are home watching our slingbox, which sends our cable from the US over the internet. I completely forgot that we disconnected the cable until early that morning and spent the better part of my day searching the internet for something that would play it live. We're so very grateful that Karen offered to skype with us so we could see the parade. She pointed her laptop camera at the tv and everyone in the family, (Ben, Kyle, Aaron, Omi, Beverly, Nicole) sat with us and watched the parade. We talked during commercials and it was truly the next best thing to being there. Jessica thinks we should do it every year. I agree. (fair warning Karen-you started a new tradition)
I'm grateful that even after I slaved over the stove all day making the sides we never did get a chance to eat together. You may wonder what there is to be thankful in that. Well, Nick was working and in today's economy I'm very grateful that he has an incredible job that challenges and fulfills him. By the time he was home, since it was Thursday which is our worst night for after school activities...I had already dropped Alexa off at Basketball practice and Andrea at soccer practice. So we ate in shifts, first with the J's then with the A's. After three years of not seeing them play, I'm so very grateful that the girls are participating in sports they love. There is almost nothing that brings out that carefree smile like playing with their teams. I am most grateful that the girls both landed amongst other amazing young women with super families who've taken us in, bad Spanish and all, and made us feel welcomed.
Here in Spain, our Thanksgiving looks a little strange. The tastes are different. The timing doesn't always work out just right. But there is so very much to be thankful for, that our hearts are full.
Sending our love to all...

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