Oooh la la..Paris

This fall the kids have quite a few long weekends. Last weekend was a 4 day weekend. Nick needed to be in Paris for work on Thursday so we joined him afterschool on Thursday night for 5 days in Paris. It's cooler in Paris than Barcelona...and more gray. But despite a few showers the weather was perfect for meandering the charming streets of Paris. Our first stop was to the Arc de Triomphe at the top of the Champs Elysees where we were staying.
It was a gray day but the kids and Nick ventured to the top of the Arc for some pictures of the city from above...

We took some side streets toward the Eiffel Tower where Joe spotted some signs for an Aquarium. This was an odd combination of cinema museum and aquarium...we watched some of Spiderman in french and saw some fascinating sea creatures...

We arrived at the Eiffel tower and because it was later in the day than we had hoped we didn't try to get tickets to go up.
We ate lunch on a riverboat on the Seine then took another boat to the Museum D'Orsee

We don't have any pictures of that museum but it's a beautiful museum in an old railway station. It has a huge collection of Impressionist art. I loved looking at all the paintings I'd studied in college, Monet, Manet, Van Gogh's Starry Night, Degas' Dancers...and his sculpture. My Nana had a replica of his dancer sculpture in her house. Looking at the original made me nostalgic...and brought back such happy memories. I could have stayed in the D'Orsee all weekend but the kids could not...so we hopped back on the Batoboat to Notre Dame.

"Sanctuary...." It was fascinating to be so near this historic cathedral. We didn't get a good look at the gargoyles because they are up rather high on the building.
These statues were near the door.

The kids were beat at that point so we packed it in and headed for the hotel. We got the kids some McD's and Nick and I went out to eat at a French Restaurant. It was an adventure trying to decifer the menu and it made me appreciate how far my Spanish has come.
The next morning we woke up bright and early to catch the train to EuroDisney. Nick and I fully realized we were outnumbered and at times, catering to the troops makes the trip. Plus, I love Disney.

EuroDisney is mostly the same as it's American counterparts, although, the rides are slightly altered. There are some loops in Space Mountain there...and the Thunder Mountain has more dark time and seemed longer to me. They created an Alice In Wonderland walking maze that was pretty cool. And we were so pleased to see the place decorated for Halloween!

The next morning we decided to take another trip out of the city to Versaille...first though we needed nourishment and found it at a Crepe vendor on the Champs Elysees...Yummy ham and cheese crepes to start of the day right.

We waited in line behind some very nice people from Connecticut at the Information center outside the Palace. The line at the Palace seemed to be about 2 hours long. After waiting about 15 minutes they closed the line directly in front of the nice people from Connecticut. They advised us to go to the tour office around the corner where we waited for about another 1/2 hour to get the tickets.
It was worth it.

I think I liked the gardens most of all....

We stopped to have lunch at a small cafe in the gardens. Then went on to see the Triannon...which is another palace on the grounds. I believe Josephine's family lived there...

I know this picture is a bit blurry but I love it...
We went back to Paris and grabbed a quick bite to eat before calling it a night. Monday morning we went to the Louvre. I had read all kinds of advice on how to beat the lines but there weren't any lines and we walked right through security and waited just a few minutes before getting our tickets to see the fabulous artwork. More than the art though the rooms themselves are gorgeous as it was a former palace.

Venus di Milo...gorgeous

We also saw the Winged Victory and a couple of statues from Michaelangelo that he created the same time he did the Moses we saw in St Peters in Chains in Rome. We saw Leonardo DaVinci, Raphael, and more. When we were saturated with art we walked along the Jardin Tuileries and had lunch at a fabulous cafe. Andrea decided to try escargo...and Nick and Jess tried some too. I stayed with my quiche. Then we took the metro to Montmartre and saw the Sacre Cour and walk around the streets to admire street artists.

Nick and I bought a couple of small paintings and the kids bought some souveniers. We went back to the hotel for a much needed break before venturing out to see the Eiffel Tower one last time at night...

Ooh la la....Paris is so romantic....even with kids.