Cambiar Sentido

Hola todas,
This just in, Nick passed his driving test. This was the actual driving test, in Spanish. And he passed the very 1st time! We're so proud of him. Now he's all legal. He had to learn some Spanish phrases in order to take the exam, things like, "When you can, turn right." etc. And one of them, struck me as particularly fitting at this point for us. Cuando puedas cambiar sentido. When you can, make a u turn...or more literally, change direction.

Just a few weeks ago we learned a change in direction was coming for us. While we thought we'd be in Spain for a few more years it looks like we're heading back to the US sooner. We're not sure where we're going to end up at the moment and we won't be going anywhere until Andrea finishes high school. But we do know that Nick is going to be able to spend more time with us in our celebration of our last year living together before the oldest goes off to college. We're looking at traveling more and enjoying each others company. So all in all, good stuff.

And Congratulations Nick for passing the exam on the first try!