And we're walking...

with grandma at the aquarium
Grandma resting with Rascal

view of Ruotolo's at lunch at Port Vell from above.
And so we're starting backwards because I have yet to figure out this new Blog photo upload. I used to have to go backwards in time to have them upload correctly apparently that is no longer the case...and that is not what you came here to hear about. We've had a fabulous few weeks of visits from family. Visits from Family means I get to don my tourguide hat and hold aloft the plush flower that indicates everyone needs to follow me and listen to what I say. Finally! (grin, maybe that is why I like it so much)...alas, I do not really have a plush flower that we see so many tourguides walking around with...nor much to my children's pleasure do I hold up an umbrella either. Mostly because I'm rather close to my tour subjects in that they

 know me rather well, what we us being related and all. We spent the last week with Nick's Mom and Sister. It is always a quick week when they come to visit...almost always over before we know it. The kids had a busy week with their activities but we were able to squeeze some fun family time at the Aquarium and then had lunch on the water.
Alexa and Aunt Mo
 The week before Mom and Maureen showed up. My Mom and her two cousins, Linda and Lorraine came to visit. They graciously brought Jessica's weight in American Candy for our Halloween party. More about that later. It was the second time that Linda had been to Barcelona, once before for a day after a cruise...and Lorraine's first time. So, we pulled out all the stops and showed them the fabulousness that we've grown accustomed to...

in front of the Boquieria

in front of the umbrella building on the Ramblas
 We toured the Gothic quarter, walked the Ramblas, sent them on not one but two of the bus tours...and even got in a day trip to Girona.
 We toured the Palau de Musica, a Catalan Modernista Choral auditorium then went to a restaurant in a Gaudi building, Casa Calvet, for lunch. We found out by reading the history on the menu that the knockers on the door were crosses that struck bedbugs, the universal symbol of evil. Who knew that even in the early 1900's people hated bedbugs...although it does make sense when one thinks about it. But the universal symbol of evil...that is rather harsh.
bed bug knocker
Palau de Musica

bed bug=EVIL

Jess helping play tourguide


on Eifle's bridge

inside casa Batllo
  All these pictures are scrambled...

Three beauties on Passieg de Gracia

Breakfast in Sant Cugat

More Girona
Breakfast in Barcelona

Grandma, Andrea and Aunt Mo
   We've loved having all the family around us. Sometimes it's easy in our day to day to forget how lucky we are to live in such an amazing city. There is so much culture and history, beautiful architecture and fabulous food. But more than that is the opportunity to make memories that tide us over until the next time we see each other. So, until we meet again, here's looking at you kid...