International Food Fair

IFF is my favorite school event. It is a time when the school's International community really gets a chance to shine. There were tables from Greece, Brazil, South Africa, Russia, Thailand , Italy, and more. Of course, Spain had a table as did the US. This year they added an entertainment feature. Jess's hiphop class performed two dance numbers. Alexa did a little jazz number that her class made up. Joe sang with the glee club. And Andrea performed a solo, On my Own. Other kids did traditional Asian dances, and performed games from Gana. But it's all about my kids so...here is Jess after her hip hop performance. Our friends, Nils and Carina with their Thai shirts...Sujaree was manning the Thai table..mmm so yummy.

In front of the US table where we were having a Chili contest... This is Sofia, one of the girls in Joe's grade who was in Godspell with the kids. Jacob, who is a friend of Alexa's...and you know Alexa and me.

here is Jessica Ziegler, you'll remember she had us over for Thanksgiving this past year. It was her concept to do the Chili cookoff...the kids all thought she resembled Jessi from Toy Story 2. I think they have a point...

My friends Kristen and Nancy by the Cosmo's. Another cool thing about Spain...alcohol is a mainstay at every school function.

Videos are being uploaded as I type to Youtube and then I'm putting them here...so. Be warned. This is a family blog to keep you all feeling close and loved...so we're sharing the love.


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